At some point in their lives, many people experience emotional difficulties and can struggle to cope.  Counselling has lots of different names and it can seem rather confusing when considering which therapist could be right for you. 

Anna offers an integrative approach, underpinned by person-centred and cognitive behavioural theory.  Carl Rogers was an American psychologist who founded the humanistic approach to therapy.  He believed that the human being can be temporarily stuck emotionally and unable to move forward along their life path.  To enable movement, Rogers developed his theory to help the individual self-actualise by ensuring that the conditions at the centre of the client/counsellor relationship were key.


These conditions, deemed necessary and sufficient by Rogers in aiding self-actualisation, are ‘empathy’, ‘congruence’ and ‘unconditional positive regard’.  This relates to the counsellor's ability to walk non-judgmentally alongside their client, with understanding and honesty, whilst at the same time enabling the client to reflect upon their own situation. 


Of course, one size does not always fit all and using different modality techniques for different problems and personalities can be key to a successful counselling relationship. As such, Anna uses cognitive behavioural therapeutic techniques within her therapy to assist with coping mechanisms and changing patterns of behaviour.

By using integrative counselling techniques, Anna can help clients to enhance and maintain their self by growing and learning to accept difficult aspects of their lives.  Within a non-judgmental and empathic environment, Anna offers a caring and confidential* relationship between client and counsellor.

Anna works with young people and adults experiencing difficulties such as depression, suicidal thoughts, problems in the workplace, eating disorders, substance misuse, family and relationship difficulties, divorce and bereavement.  All clients** are asked to sign a contract which sets out the working agreement, boundaries and ethical obligations. 

Anna also works with organisations to provide time limited counselling or longer term periods to deal with trauma and other difficult issues in the work place. 

*Conditions apply as set out in the counselling contract.

** Confidentiality for young clients will be assessed using the Gillick Competency Guidelines.  A parent or guardian may be asked to sign the agreement alongside their ward.