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Sexual Harassment

Everyone has the right to go to work feel safe and free from persecution. Sexual Harassment has been recently highlighted in the media which has encouraged numerous victims to come forward and subscribe to the #metoo campaign.  Whilst this has been a momentous forward step, the question is rarely asked of the origin of attitudes.

It was not so long ago that racism and persecution of those from ethnic minorities was deemed as acceptable by some. In recent years however, the human race has developed to embrace the changing diversity of our communities. The Equality Act  2010 which covers sexual harassment,  was instrumental in changing behaviours within the work place but the recent coverage would suggest that there are still attitudes that require moderation.


Children begin learning and absorbing the values of others from around two years  of age. We learn the difference between right and wrong, gather views from influential adults and begin to develop emotionally. Racism and other traits are mostly born from this early developmental stage and it is clear to see that parents that have changed their own attitudes are in a position to influence that of their children. This has been clearly evidenced by the much greater acceptance of individuals from other races and backgrounds. 

Sexual harassment and the way we refer to and treat each other up to recently, has been less of a social issue and therefore it has not been deemed immediately necessary to change attitudes.  In 2018, it is of paramount importance that we begin to change the attitudes of adults and children in order to create the next generation of respectful individuals. 


Having experienced sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, Anna is perfectly placed, not only to increase awareness within organisations but to assist in conflict resolution by providing advice and support for victims and where necessary leading the restorative justice process.